Does she like me?

I have known this friend for six years and she found out I was bisexual two years ago. I’ve been dating this girl name Salena for almost two years. During my birthday party last year I told my friends to talk to her and don’t be shy because she doesnt know any of my friends. Two of my friends were very inviting and she was the one who was quiet and didn’t want to talk to my girlfriend Salena. My girlfriend and I recently broke up and now she keeps on staring at me when I’m not talking to her or looking at her. I can see her looking at me a lot of times. ┬áMy friend was really excited to go see what gay pride is like and asked me when it is. My friend had a crush on a girl for half a year but she said she was the only exception. Today I told my friend that i saw her ex-crush wear a skirt and she said I know but you know I’m not you know and I said yeah I know but shes the only exception and she said right. Even though we are really good friends she doesn’t like to hang alone with me and a bunch of people and she doesn’t like me touching her in public.

Does she like me?

She confuses me.

Sorry I don’t know how to ask a question around here so I hope I’m doing this right.

Ok so there is this girl I liked about a year ago. We went to school together but I’m in college now. So I took up an acting hobby in my last year, my second day there I caught her staring at me a lot but every time I caught her she turned away and pretended she wasn’t. A couple months past and I told her I liked her but she didn’t say whether or not she felt the same way. A few months later she said she won’t feel the same way because she isn’t gay and because I’m boring.

However, she became really close with my cousin and she always ask questions about me and she’s always concerned. But around me she acts as though she doesn’t care and is very distant. Also, I noticed that she acted this way since day 01.

I’m butch and open but I recently found she WAS bi but she denies it. I wonder if she feels the same but she doesn’t want to return to being bisexual. I know that you can’t change your sexuality and she’s obviously fighting it and maybe I made things worse.

P.S I have a girlfriend now. But this still confuses me.

Feeling Alone

I always feel so alone. My best friend killed herself because of all the homophobic and negative remarks and hatred being thrown at her. Everytime I get in a relationship the girl always winds up cheating on me or breaking up with me out of the blue. I just want a friend and a girl to love me and want to be with me for me and not want to change me. What should I do?

Confusing bullshit

Let’s see how do I start
This senior year is bullshit. Wanna know why?
Alright here’s how it starts. So I had this really close friend and we first met in 7th grade. We started to be friends because she was dating a verbal abusive guy and pretty much all her friends wouldn’t help her out so I was the only one with the patience to deal with it. We were close after that. She finally broke up with him freshman year of high school then sophomore year she dates a new guy but all my friends tell me he’s bad news that he just uses girls. I was worried so I warned her she wouldn’t listen . Next thing I know I got between her relationship and honestly I didn’t mean to; I was just worried about her. So she stops being my friend. I hurt her pretty bad , she cried really hard to . I hated seeing her cry. I wasn’t her friend for a year . Then junior year we met again I was at the school heading down to the library I made step in then I see her in there sitting in the computers . She saw me but she kinda smiles but also looked sad. But I made a mad face and just stepped back out and left the library. Honestly what was she smiling for? I know I hurt her by getting in the way of her relationship but I was also pissed, I did beg for forgiveness hey you ever here’d of any girl apologizing to another girl for getting between her and her bf ? No! Exactly! So c’mon why did she have to take it so far! Not being friends for a year !. I was there for her sense the 7th grade! So I told a friend of mine who new her to , to tell her I didn’t want to see her in the library. I consider the library like my zen zone . So then he tells me “she started getting all emotional and started crying” . Sigh wow , I felt bad . Then recently she starts dating a new guy but Iv known him for 2 years cause he was a dick to me and my brother and he dated my brothers best friend he was so mean and treated her like crap. But I guess with my friend he’s not like that at all , with her he’s a good boyfriend,

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In desperate need for advice.

This has been bugging me for awhile so I decided to seek some advice.
I am a girl(captain obvious much?lol) and I am 19 years old.The past three years lets say I have been suffering from..what I call sexuality frustration.To explain that,I am not sure which sex I am attracted to and if I am attracted to any at all.Now you will wonder why did I post this question here.Well ever since I was little I always had small crushes on girls.Even in kinder garden I would playfully hit on them(like little kids do) and I always wanted to be a boy.Later on I kept feeling and I was almost more than sure I was in the wrong body.However I kind of ingored all that and didn’t really think about it.Untill I was in senior highschool.Then it hit me.”What if I am gay?”I have never really thought about it like that before.But reading some stuff I connected to it made me think about it.I used to be grossed out by men and I could not look at one and think anything sexual.It just felt wrong.Like WRONG.Like a year ago I noticed I look at men a little bit differently.I notice cute guys and stuff but I do not think I could ever be attracted to men emotionaly.Maybe something totally platonic yes.But emotionally?With girls it is different.But a little bit more confusing now that it was before.I am sexually attracted to girls and emotionally.But sometimes it feels like I don’t want to engage in anything with nor girls nor boys.I have a lesbian friend from college and a few friends that I hang out with.My friends aren’t homophobic and my parents aren’t either I think because I have talked to my mom about the fact that I am not sure what I like yet.My friend says that I am gay and I will realise it later on and that I should probably try something with a girl.Now I don’t know why I find it hard to admit that I actually like girls.It is probably because I am confused or?Is it because I am in denial?That is the biggest question and I struggle to understand why I find it so hard to admit.I know it is soon to speak because I am just 19 but it frustrates me at times.Could I be bisexual or asexual?I do fear getting intimate with people and avoid being touchy and everything.Should I tell someone about how I feel?Yet it feels stupid because everyone can be into whatever they want.Why do I have to explain to my self that I like different things and have people question me?I was close to telling my mom I do like girls..along with boys(which I am not even sure it is true or it is just me trying to “fit in”with “society’s normal”.So everytime we talk she mentions about how it would be nice for me to have a boyfriend and that somehow makes me mad.And last time we talked I said “well i am not into people so let me be”and she said “you aren’t into people or into men?’ I avoided that question telling her I wasn’t very comfortable getting close with people.So to not get very confusing…how should I proceed?Should I experiment with both?Should I tell my friends?my parents?

Any advice will be appreciated!