What makes me a lesbian?

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What makes me a “lesbian?”

- Never had crushes on boys (not even celebrities).
- My first crush was on a girl, when I was 14.
- Finding the penis hideously, grotesque.
- Nope, never had a boyfriend.
- Women to me are beautiful. Absolutely luv the way they look, the way they smell, the way they move.
- Watching lesbian films (not porn), frequenting lesbian chat rooms/forums/websites, etc.

Now here’s the odd part. While it seems obvious that I really do like (and am physically attracted to) girls, I find the idea of having sex with a woman unappealing. Kissing and cuddling are okay, but that’s how far I’d go. In fact, hypothetically-speaking, I’d probably rather have sex with a man (granted I don’t see his penis), than with a woman. (Not that I want to have sex with a man) So, what does that make me then? Am I not a “lesbian” after all??


A 24-yr old, confused “lesbian.”

PS: While my personality appears to be in the “butch” side, my physical appearance is “femme” (I do wear makeup and cute outfits), not sure if that helps with the analysis, but just thought I’d throw that in…

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