My Straight Girlfriend

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I need some advice. I love my girlfriend and we are having a great time.. She totally understands me and is patient enough to deal with my shit… and I really can be shitty at times. Well, it’s been a year now, she has almost moved in with me. And as strange as it sounds, we never argue, we have a blast… always. I am sure she loves me and she tells me that all the time. But here is the problem: we don’t f***! We talk, we kiss, we cuddle, but there is hardly any sex…

I know sometimes you got other stuff on your mind than sex, and it happens that you’re not in the mood. But when thinking about it, it seems like I don’t actually turn her on. When we do have sex it’s nice, but not exactly mind blowing… not the way I have experienced sex with other girls before. I am her first girl, she has always been with men, and I think she hasn’t even thought about being with a woman before me.

To sum it up: I think she loves me, she wants to be around me, and she really wants to be my girlfriend. But sleeping with a woman is not exactly her thing. If that is even possible… and it starts pissing me off.  I need passion, I want a partner who is not just finding me smart and great and all that, sometimes a girl just wants to feel sexy, nothing more, just attractive!

So what am I going to do about it? She’s great, sex is not everything, but damn it … I want some! Some passionate sex, like lovers should be doing… I mean, that is not a reason to break up with her or is it? Suggestions, please.

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