Is My Girlfriend A Lesbian?

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So, my girlfriend has been flirting with the idea of being in a sexual relationship with other women. We have been together for 5 years and we both love each other very much. No, this is not a hopeful guy to have his girlfriend have a threesome with him and her lesbian lover. That’s not my intention at all. She’s basically found out she was bi-curious by looking at porn, which most of the time is lesbians and she understands that porn IS NOT REAL life…

This has been going on for about 3 or so years and recently she’s become sure that she wants to have a sexual relationship with a woman. She does not know if she has emotional feelings for women, but I am understanding enough to let her have free range to experiment with these feelings. So we both agreed on that. She’s been flirting and basically enjoying it. I am happy for her. She later tells me that she’s less turned on by men than she is by women. That was somewhat of a shock but I am supportive of her. She goes on to say that she needs a relationship with a man, but sex with a woman, and maybe on occasion sex with me.

So I am sort of confused as what I should do or expect from her. We both love each other very much and I am not planning on breaking up with her just because she likes women. So I just would like to understand what she is going through and I would like to understand my place in this too. So I just would like to understand what she is going through and I would like to understand my place in this too.  She is sure that she wants to go  and have her first time which is fine by me, but she is also thinking she just wants to have sex only with girls, so could that lead into her going fully lesbian? I am not going to dislike her because of this and we will be best friends anyway, but it’s just hard to figure out and understanding the unknown…

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