So, I’m a Lesbian Dating a Straight Girl…

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Okay, I’m really confused. I’ve been going out with my beautiful, wonderful, all around amazing girlfriend since March. I love her so much. We can talk about anything, and do anything together. She’s my best friend and my girlfriend, which is the most amazing thing ever. One problem. My girlfriend is straight. Confusing much!!?

She says she’s straight because she doesn’t like girls, but just likes me. She says she’s never dated a girl, kissed a girl, or even liked a girl before me. The first time she said that I thought it was really sweet, and it made me feel special. Except, now I’m a bit worried. I don’t want to be someone’s experiment to try out what it’s like to date girls. I mean, she doesn’t act like that’s what’s going on. Our relationship isn’t purely sexual or anything, but we have a great balance of everything.

I don’t know… Maybe I’m just paranoid. Actually, I am really paranoid. But I’m worried that I’ll just fade away as the time she tried out girls… I mean, I love her more than anything and would do anything for her. We’ve had a lot of rocky areas to climb ourselves out of, between homophobia, her being confused, me being worried, parents, school, etc. We’re perfect together in everyday, but I just feel like I’m… In love with a straight girl, and I guess I am.


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