I Still Don’t Know If I’m Gay Or Straight

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You should first understand that I’m young, but not immature, and at a stage in life that in itself is a confusing one. I’m often told that everyone questions their sexuality at least once, but I’m unsure if I’m questioning because it’s a thing all young people do, or if it’s because I am actually gay.

I have never been in love, but I have really liked only two people in my life – a man and a woman. I can still picture myself with both of them (though I can more easily picture myself with her than him) but I never wanted to do anything with either of them than just be with them. I could never fantasize about kissing them, and I never check men or women out.  I don’t know where to go with this question, because while I would probably be accepted and helped in my family, I don’t want to bring it up until I know more.

I was wondering if any of you have advice, or if my situation is too confusing (or maybe I just suck at explaining things)?

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