I think my girlfriend is a lesbian

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I’m a male, 19 years old but I think my girlfriend is a lesbian. She’s always saying she doesn’t like sex with me, but due to the fact she’s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen I just take what I get. She has long blonde hair down to her belly button, green eyes, amazing thin body with nice curves so you wouldn’t even guess she’s a lesbian, but she always says “What would you do if I was a lesbian?” and constantly making jokes about her being gay and saying how hot Megan Fox is, or even girls that walk past her. When she was younger she told her parents she was a lesbian and they all freaked on her, and her sisters wouldn’t even change in the same room with her for quite a while which means it had to be hurtful. She tells her family “thank god that phase is over” but then after she says that, she looks kind of upset like she knows it’s not a phase. I feel kind of desperate writing on this, but I mean – what do I do?

She also watches T.V shows about lesbians, like South Of Nowhere, The L Word, but she talks about them freely. She was reading a book and I decided to read the back when she wasn’t near it and it’s actually a teen love story about 2 girls who fall in love. I want to confront her about it, but I’m wishing I wasn’t so madly in love with her. Write back, Thanks.

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