I’m in love with my maths teacher

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Hi guys, I’ll give u a quick feedback bout me, I’m 14, I love girls I want a girlfriend but not quite ready for one cuz I have exams and I’m quite busy studying but it almost finish though, my Math teacher is really cute and I fell in love with her since in January but my feelings by then was not so strong but now it is.

My best friends know that I’m bi, I like her and I really want to be with her but she’s like way older than me by far and I know its not gonna happen so too bad for me. :( So school is finishing and I’ll miss her real bad but I want to ask you all something so please help me cuz I really don’t know what to do.

This year is very complicated because everyone is splitting up and going to different schools and I don’t want to go, I wanna stay because of her ok, I want to tell her that I’m gay and I have a crush on her but I’m scared and I know it’s way wrong to do that and when I tell my friends I wanna do that they’ll be like well, she’ll be like “she will runaway” (lol) cuz I do picture it happening so it kinds of hold me back, so I’m planning to write her a letter and tell her how I feel about her.

But before I do that if I’m staying in school cuz I have 2 more years to finish secondary school I’ll plan to tell her 2 years from now, yeah that’s how it might have to be.

So can anyone please help me, tell me what to do if I’m staying wait for the 2 years or if I’m leaving this month tell her.

Thanks everyone for reading this I’m not good at writing long essays so I apologize for my bad writing, and comments will be greatly appreciated. :)

I know I will not get through being with her but I just want her to know that I like her.

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