Older Lesbians?

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This might seem weird, and I really don’t mean any offense (I always hate questions, statements, rants, etc, that exclude certain groups of people or seem to indirectly put down other groups)…

I am very frustrated by the seeming lack of resources for older lesbians to meet, communicate, get advice, etc. And I’m not really even talking about being in your 40s or 50s. I’m 29. It’s just that I have noticed that every lesbian-oriented site I visit seems to have a more active teen and twenty-something population than 30+ population.  This is not to say that the older lesbians aren’t there…they just aren’t as active, or the bulk of the discussions on those sites don’t really match, what I feel is, a more mature woman’s palate. Over at AfterEllen, there are sections explicitly for 30-somethings and 40-somethings, and those sections aren’t that active. And I feel like even lesbian sites that really are for all lesbians get a little overrun by younger ones such that even when there are older ones they’re hard to identify.

Unfortunately, the internet really is the only way I have of meeting women for friendships or dating or what have you…and the impression that I keep getting–which I know is incorrect–is there are few lesbians 30+ out in cyberspace for me to interact with. And I’m not looking for dating sites where you have to pluck out lesbians one by one, and I’m not necessarily even looking to date (I am attracted to mainly older women, though, i.e. late 30s and 40s)–I just want to find a group of lesbians who are talking about more than Lady Gaga/The L Word shows/pop culture, clubbing/the bar scene, crushes, coming out, the same old gay rights debates and just the other usual topics. I really miss just having people around to have mature conversations with, and it would be great if they were lesbians since my friends are mainly straight females.

I don’t mean to imply that women younger than 30 can’t have mature conversations or offer helpful advice…I don’t know…I guess, personally, I have never really gelled with people my age (I grew up in a family where everyone was older than me). Even when I participated in LGBT groups in school, it just never worked for me…and the one friend I made from any of those groups is an older gay male, haha. And now that I’ve finished school, I don’t even meet gay people my age and, like I said, the internet is full of teens and early twenty-somethings.

Am I alone on this?

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