How To Get Over A Straight-Girl Crush???

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Okay so there is this girl…yeah, yeah how many questions have started like that? Anyway, I met her last year (as a Sophomore in high school) but seriously didn’t pay any attention to her, just because we had never talked. But this year (junior in high school) we have science together and we have actually become best friends. We call each other every night and text constantly.

We see each other every day in school and outside of school and to me, there isn’t a better girl out there. The only thing is, I’m pretty sure she’s straight. When I say pretty sure, i say that because we all want to think that the straight girl who we like is actually secretly into girls.

She has never had a boyfriend which is surprising because she is actually really beautiful. She says I love you to me and it just SUCKS because I know she’s straight but I want her to like me so bad and I think she loves me, but as a best friend. I just need help getting over this thing I have for her. Every time I start to try and distant myself she goes and says something like, “you looked so hot when I saw you last night” or, “you’re perfect” or something that just makes me go insane!!! I’m sure all of you have had straight-girl crushes but I’ve never liked someone this much. She doesn’t know that I like girls and maybe she’s just really friendly? But I cant take it anymore! I cant do anything without wanting her to be there with me and EVERYTHING reminds me of her in some way or another.

I want to be her friend, but I think I only want to be her friend cause I’m in love with her? That doesn’t even make sense! See? I’m going insane! Anyway, if any of you could share some insight with me on how you got over your crush on your straight best friend, it would be much appreciated.

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Age: 16
Location: Washington

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