How To Get Over A Straight-Girl Crush???

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Ok, so I have been falling hard for my best friend. We met each other this year (Junior in high school) and I honestly cannot stop thinking about her. I do not want to be needy cause even though we flirt like crazy, I don’t want her to think I’m creepy. So I’ve decided that I cant not be needy unless I stop thinking about her in this way. So my question is how to get over her. I want to be her friend, but I feel like i only want to be her friend cause I’m sort of kind of in love with her. Its like, i cant be just her friend and I know I cant be more than a friend So I think its best for me to just get over her so I can focus on school and other things. Anything that anyone has had experience with getting over someone, if you could help me that would be amazing! Thanks :)

Sent in by: Anonymous
Age: 16
Location: Seatown

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