My partner wants to have sex with a man!

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Here is my problem and it is really killing me.  I have been in relationship for 10 years.  It is my first relationship with woman and hers too.  We have an age difference of 10 years.  Seven months ago she moved to Holland in order to get a Masters, and she told me that she was getting the urge to sleep with a man.  Now I understand I really do, since I was her first lover and she has never had sex with a man.  I love her too much to stand in her way and not allow her to fulfill her experience..  but at the same time it is so painful.

It is of course affecting on how I see our relationship.  Every time she goes out with her friends from University. I say to myself it is going to happen now.  I cant get it out of mind and is pure torture.  But I dont want to stand in the way either.  What am I to do?

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