I have this weird connection with this girl with our eyes and she’s so adorable :) how do I approach this situation?

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There’s this girl in my study hall that’s reallyyy cute and we keep making eyecontact. For example: the first day I was in that class I was just minding my own business then I decided to look around to see who’s in my class, my first day wasn’t my classmates first day I got switched into it 3 weeks into the year, and after scanning a bit she really caught my eye and I checked her out for a bit and looked down. After a bit I looked up and she was staring dead at me and we both looked away. When she looked at me it was like a shock went through me and I blushed :3 . She sits all the way across the room but a little ahead of me so she has to turn around a bit to look at me. So every so often she would turn around and look at me. Also, at our homecoming dance I saw her 3 times at the dance and we met eyes once and I felt really embarrassed so I looked away… But then, (haha my fav part) after the dance we were both walking home. She was on the opposite side of the street with her friend as I was with my friend. Magically we both turned around to watch each other walk away I immediately zoned out from the conversation. So that night I added this girl on Facebook that I think has a crush on me and I was just checking out her wall and I saw a picture of her and the girl from my study hall! So I add her but closely after I added her I noticed we had like 7 mutual friends but I was still happy she accepted and I found her. We never have actually talked, we just have this connection with our eyes. Her Facebook never actually said she was gay like mine but I believe we is gay from the looks I get from her. So one of the mutual friends is one of my bestfriends, so I ask my friend how she knows her, and my friend says the girl lives across the street from her. Which I didn’t know, I didn’t tell my friend I liked her and I ended the conversation. I’m shy, how should I approach this girl? Should I go over to my friends house and bump in to her? Help please any advice at all?

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