complicated triangle in real life… Help! :/

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This is the most complicated situation I’ve been involved in. A girl I had feelings for resurfaced in my life at the same time someone new came into my life. The new girl Jenn is very attracted to me and wants me to give her a chance but she is looking for fun right now not a relationship, unless we discover there are more feelings there. She also is tied up with another girl that she has been involved with, but they aren’t an exclusive couple. On the other hand, the other girl Kate has never looked at me as more than a friend, but she is exactly what I’m looking for: sweet, loyal, funny, and family-oriented. Spending an evening playing guitar and talking made me adore her and realize that she is as close to my dream girl as it gets. Sounds great but there are two problems. Kate said that since she’s never thought of me as more than a friend, she needs to time to think it over, which could still never change how she thinks of me. And Kate unfortunately has a crush on Jenn, making it worse.  Because Kate and I are both masculine lesbians and almost completely the same person, I feel she may not become attracted to be or be able to see me as a girlfriend type because that isn’t what she’s liked in the past. LIke i said, she’s shy and timid and she may never tell me anything or let me go….. Who knows?

Jenn is another story. Shes 22 & goes out and parties alot & has some issues with depression. However when we’re together its nice & there is heat between us & I think we could have some serious fun and possible deep feelings if I let it happen.

I currently just returned from spending time with Jenn before submitting this post and we ended up kissing for a little bit and talking deeply about the situation. Now things have changed… She’s not taken but she does have someone who is attached to her and she doesn’t feel the same way. She said she wants to slowly end it with that girl without hurting her.  I’ve personally been in the situation as “The onther woman” before, but my ex never left her girl, she just strung us both along and then I left.  I don’t want this to be repeated history but it does feel really good right now…

What should I do? I don’t want to hurt anyone, lose anyone, or make a mistake and end up hurt myself….

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