Confused Lesbian Lover…

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Hello my fellow lesbians!

i am a 21 year old lesbian and I am dating a 35 year old lesbian. We met at an area at our job after I turn 19. she did not look her age. She looked like she was in her mid 20′s. after we met…we couldn’t stop talking. we were on the phone all day and together at work. After a while…she started to become possessive. She did not want anyone to talk or touch me. I am not gonna lie…it was cute and sexy at first. After a year I quit my job and I stopped talking to her. the reason why I stopped talking to her was because she never had time for me. she would not accept that I broke up with her. She came to my house unannounced and was constantly calling me. I endEd up changing my number. Then after a year again. I went back to my job. i needed up talking to her again.

So as of Now….I don’t know where I stand with her. She calls me her girlfriend buts does not treat me like one. We never go out and we barley talk. We haven’t been out on any dates. She has two jobs but she finds time for god son and not me. she always say that I am cheating on her. And I am not. I have been celibate since I was 18. I save myself for her. I want her to be my first and last experience with a woman. she always want me to do things her way.

My question to you guys would be is should i leaver her alone? Should I try o work it out…again?! Or do you gave any advice or experience on this subject.

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