Need Help What Should I Do?

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Theres this girl I like ive and I’ve never liked a girl before. I met her a couple of months ago when I started my freshman year of college. She’s so amazing and I think about her all the time. I told her I liked her and now it just seems like Shes leading me oinks he says she caress about me and then on other days she doesnt show it.  I’ve never ailed a person this much and I think Im starting to fall in love with her. Just recently I told her to just tell me that she doesn’t want to be with me and she says no. The she said we can’t  be together ..I told her shenot just giving me false hope Wbu saying we can’t because that means if we could then we would be and she says I know exactly what Im saying… I just don’t know what to do really like her but Im tired of waiting soft something that might never happen ..a couple of days ago when see we’re together to tome my phone and got on my twitter and tweeted ..I need to learn how to talk ..maybe I might get a chance  ..i feel like she wants to know how I feel but if I tell her ..she won’t care and I’ll get hurt ..please tell me what I should do!?

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