confusing cliche!

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Ok, So this is new to me…and probably pretty cliche.

So.. im 23, confused, and I think pretty infatuated with one of my closest friends. We have become very close in the past year and a half.  We cuddle and joke, and flirt but I believe her to be straight. (she has had long term relationships with blokes!) every now and then though, probably because of flirting i get the feeling shes not being 100% honest either, my only issue is i cant take the risk on our friendship. Since i have known her we have both got with other people (she believes me to be straight(as does everyone else i know!) She has only been with one guy, which was completely random, and she keeps being weird when i ask about him, yet shes completely out right with other friends. I know its pointless and that I need to stop trying to hope that she likes me as more than a friend.

I need to try and get over her, without breaking up the friendship or backing away, we are in a group of friends who all see each other alot. I have tried not contacting as much, blaming it on the job. But i cant seem to shake it. I have been feeling like this for over a year now. Im guessing this isn’t a phase as i have been thinking about women for a while, but Im not ready for everyone to know and not sure if i ever will be.

Any help, or advise would be appreciated.

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