How Do I Get A Taken Lesbian To Like Me?!

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So I’ve been gradually coming out and I’ve just become friends with a girl who’s openly gay. We started talking, texting, getting to know each other and the weird part is….we are SOOOOOO alike it’s creepy but also totally awesome! We always make the joke, “Where have you been all my life?!” and we both agree and think it’s hilarious. Also, we’re always telling each other how happy we are to have met each other. We talk to each other about EVERYTHING….legit. There are no limits on anything; she always wants to hug me/hold onto me (but she hugs everyone) and she always wants to know what’s wrong and I do for her. She’s gone through A LOT. I mean if you can think of something bad….she’s been through it. And based off all those awful things and the fact that she has somewhat of a low self esteem, I promised her I would tell her every single day, “You’re important to me, you’re beautiful, and I love you more than life itself.” and I do. And she says it to me right back. Now here comes the worst part….she has a girlfriend and they’ve been together for about 8-9 months and she loves her. Even though we’re only in high school, I think it’s possible that you can be in love with someone. She’s even told me, “I’m so surprised that I’ve met the perfect person for me at such a young age.” But what’s weird is that she thinks that I’m completely perfect….but I think I’ve come to realize that she uses the word “perfect” a little more often than I would assume. So now I’m like…I guess I’m just not as unique as you made me out to be.¬†Something interesting that she has told me is that one of her “friends” thinks that her girlfriend is hot and has a thing for her. That’s really my only hope and other than that, I really don’t think they’ll break up. Although, she lives in the west coast and we’re in the east coast…then again her girlfriend moved when they were only 2 months into their relationship so….I don’t know. My hope varies a lot, and I just REALLY like this girl. I’ve ALWAYS liked straight girls and then I finally like a gay girl and she’s taken. ¬†Anyway…I’m REALLY starting to like her. I’m not at love yet, but I’m afraid I’m going to get there. I’m scared that I’m going to fall in love with a girl that’s taken and even though I haven’t been there…I feel like it’s the same thing as falling in love with a straight girl….and I’ve done that. I just like this girl so much and I KNOW for a fact that we would be amazing together. We see each other every day at school, we talk ALL the time, Skype occasionally, when we hang out before class in the morning she cuddles up to me and she told me she loves meeting up with me (I walk her to basically all her classes). Can anyone help me on how I get this girl to like me or if you think that she kinda has a thing for me already? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! It means a lot!

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