I never understood this…

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Women who say they are lesbians who sleep with men. It gives a horrible name to us real lesbians. I have a friend, a man btw, who says he slept with a lesbian. He insisted that she was full blown lesbian. Out to the world. But she slept with him. A man. I said to him that does not make sense. He just may be a straight man who says he slept with a lesbian to boost his ego but she was actually bi. It’s like a vegetarian saying they only eat meat some times. That does not make sense. They cancel each other out.

Why can’t these woman just admit they are bisexual instead of running around giving us lesbians a bad name. It really does bug me. So many woman have the courage to come out saying they are lesbians. Then you have these woman who say they are gay but sleep with men. I feel like it brings us back years! Society being proven right yet again. Even if it is just sex. I know people feel like sexuality is fluid. But don’t make others look bad

I guess I do want to understand this. Thanks.

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