Please help!!! I Don’t know what to do?!

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I met this Russian Girl and now i am so in love with her i don’t know what to do.

Last year i was hanging out with friends at a bar and my male friends brought his girlfriend.

Before,i want to explain that her bf also had an affair with my best friend and another girl i knew.

As soon as i start talking to his gf ,we clicked right away and she kissed me.

So she took me outside and we started hooking up.

A week past and she invited me to dinner than her house,to my surprise her bf wasn’t home and we ended up having sex.

this happened  couple more times.

I started feeling really bad because i knew this secret about her bf and wasn’t being a good friend not telling her that he was making a fool out of herself,because she was hanging out with the girls he was hooking up with.

Last month 3 days before thanksgiving he didn’t come home and she started telling me that she was tired of waiting for him and that she is 25 and he is 50 that she doesn’t deserve this.

i had a couple of drinks and told her ice cold that he was cheating on her for a couple of years,as i saw the mess i was getting myself into i decided to deny and tell her it was a lie because i wanted to be with her.

she goes home and fights with her bf and now not only my best friend doesn’t want to talk to me but she has the wrong idea of me and is not talking to me.

She told me i was trying to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend. I was not looking to mess up her relationship but was just tired of seeing her look so stupid next to him and the 2 friends she thinks she has. They are  is sleeping with her man.

Now i am left with this deep pain,as we saw each other  every week,now  she doesn’t even acknowledge  me.

Her boyfriend keeps posting pics of them and the other girls together and i feel a deep whole inside of me and i miss her smile so much. :( (

What should i do?


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