Am I a lesbian or …… bisexual

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hello everyone …um well i guess i just wanna know…if I am a lesbian and/or bisexual….. (I’m 14 btw)  it startd two years ago when me and my friend were in my swimming pool I’ve known her for 11 years ….well it was just us two in the pool all alone and we start diving inthe pool then we start darting and diving like 2-1 inches away from eachother’s lips and then go up fo air… well i started wishing she would kiss me then we got out and did’t really talk ab. it butit was killing me… was it just a game?  well we went to the la fair andwent on the ferris wheel and it was sooo romanticjust me and her well … i took that time to ask her if it was a game or something more she gave me this disgusted look and i rushed to assure hre it was nothing then in the past year my feelings for her grew massively then I started having these fantasies about me and random beautifl girls then i asked my friend what wold she do if  a very close friend was bisexual she gave me that same disgusted look and asked if my sister was…. I said no repeatedly and now I think she suspectes and I’m terrified…I might love my oldsest friend….. and I had a bf for almost a year but he broke up with me a wk b4 christmass and now every time I see her or a beautiful girl I just have these feelings….I am really confused and terrified and I need help…..(if I tell my mom she’ll just freak out ang she homeschools us and I’m christian….so idk how she’ll aply this to my religion and ….SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! IMMA BOUT TO CRY!!!!!!)

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