NEED ADVICE! is what im doin with my ex gf wrong?

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Me and my ex gf have known each other since the beginning of school and we are both in high school (im 14 shes 17) and we were just really good friends until last week i told her how i kept thinking about old times and how i wanted to do something with her but i couldn’t since she has a gf (my ex lives right by me so its really easy access plus she still wants me) and surprisingly she was like “so , FUCk her” and so i was like “oh okay  and then she came over last friday and at first we were just hanging out until we laid in my bed and i kissed her, and then things got heated and we started making out ect.. and we didn’t end up going all the way tho(she only fingered me) cuz her younger 12 year old twin sisters were in the room. and it was amazing BUT THE PROBLEM IS SHE TOLD HER SISTERS THAT ITS GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN SOON(PROBABLY THIS WEEK) AND I DONT WANT A RELATIONSHIP WIT HER, IM FINE WITH FUCK BUDDIES/FWB BUT ITS IT WRONG SINCE SHE HAS A GF? SHOULD I STOP BEFORE IT CONTINUES?

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