So, am I straight or bisexual?

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I’m 14, and I’ll be 15 by April 1st. This is something I’ve been curious about since my 8th grade year. I never thought of it much til then, but once I thought about it, it’s always been something I’ve known about.

So, I find both girls and guys attractive. I can see good qualities in each. The thought of hugging, kissing, cuddling, sleeping with(not sexually), holding hands, ect, with either is not a problem to me. In fact, it sounds nice. Girls tend to be more emotional whereas I feel safer with a guy.

Though, this is honestly the weird part that I can’t even explain. I would love a relationship with a guy, but it’s iffy with a girl. Girls are pretty, tend to smell nice, tend to understand better, but dating a girl has never really been on my mind. I’ve admired women and idolized them, but never have really crushed, but on the other hand, I have crushed on guys andĀ fantasizedĀ about dating them. That’s not too weird, right? That’s because I haven’t told you the next part. I’m scared of having sex with a guy. I really am. It’s not that I think it’ll hurt, or that I’ll get pregnant, I’m just generally creeped out and a bit antsy about the thought… but when it comes to having sex with a girl, the idea is very appealing and I wouldn’t mind it at all. While I find guys more attractive, I think I find girls sexier. ( If that makes sense xP )

So, that last bit is why I mostly can’t figure this out. I am definitely attracted to boys. But for girls, the idea of dating just doesn’t interest me, yet sex does. Is that a comfort thing[girls tend to understand each other a lot better], or am I just bi-curious?


Edit: Sorry if this isn’t exactly relevant to the site. I tried out Yahoo because I genuinely want to know what I should consider myself, and got nothing productive there, so I tried this site because it seemed like my best shot :P .

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