This female that’s on my mind

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Hey my name is Donique and i’m Bisexual. Honestly i love being bisexual and glad that i found out my true feeling of why i was attract to men and women. I’m a freshman in college and last semester I saw this female that i thought was pretty from the first time i met her. I said it once or twice and i found myself starting to become attracted to her since every time i got near i got shy and nervous as ever. Bottom line is we have kissed before and talked but i still get nervous around her. I’m 17 years old and She’s 21 and a lesbian but that’s not what i care about. I’ve had long relationships with females but they’ve always screwed me over before we got to the intimacy part of our relationships. And i’m scared that i won’t be good with the female i like now. I really would like to date her but then i truly do not know what she is feeling and she graduates our university in like two months. What do i do about the intimacy fears and the next level? Help i’m just nervous and just all over the place because i like her but i do not know what to do?

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