Im forsure into girls, but scared to come out.. multiple reasons… any advice?

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Im in highschool, and I have dated quite a few guys and I get hit on quite a lot (not being cocky, its just how it is) so i’ve always just kind of dated guys because they were always there and that’s how I was taught growing up, that you date and marry boys. But I never really feel anything for them. I know that they are attractive and nice and the qualities are fine, but its never there. I find that im really just dating because im bored i guess. I’ve always been attracted to girls but never really told anyone, mostly because im scared of their reaction. But I do know that I am for sure into girls. I’ve never dated a girl, and I don’t even know how to go about doing it. Also, apart of me feels like if I come out, guys won’t want to date me at all anymore. Which makes me kind of sad for some reason. Im so confused. Does that mean im bi? or have i just been raised to think that way? I just want to figure things out before i come out, because i feel like people will have questions and i want to be able to answer them myself before anyone asks me.
Thanks so much!

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