Best friend or more?

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right so.. I’m 19 and iv fallen in love with my best friend, she is also 19 but she is straight. she knows I’m a lesbian and she’s cool with it. Iv told her I love her she freaked out at first but now she’s cool :) but lately I’m starting to doubt her being straight. We went to a gay bar a few weeks ago and every time I was talking to someone my friend would just flirt with me , hold my hand or even kiss me. Then last week I was upset so I ended up staying in her house, we had a few drinks and were lying in bed just talking. Then I told her I loved her but she said it back? Then asked if we were to have a relationship could I keep it a secret? we ended up kissing then hooking up. The next morning we were OK wasn’t weird or anything but now we talk way less than usual. I think she does love me but is afraid! I know I’m only 19 and I’m still young but iv never felt this way about anybody. I think about her constantly id do anything for her. Its just messing my head up and hurting me. I don’t know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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