Confused and Sick of it!

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Hi ,

I am a 20 year old women and I am very very confused and I just need answers because its driving me insane, I want to know what my sexuality is.

I have been questioning my sexuality for years. When I was younger I figured I was straight because like most children I was just going by the gender rules of society (If you are a Girl you must like Boys) I didn’t know what Lesbian or Bisexual meant at this stage but I was educated on the subject in about 6th Grade at the age of 12 and after I found out about different sexuality’s and what they meant I was still under the impression that I was Straight.

In ‘High School’ I started to question my sexuality because I developed feelings for one of my best friends. I remember looking at her and wanting to kiss her and hold her. I never felt like these feelings were wrong, so even if I am a lesbian or bisexual I wont have a problem with it, the only thing i have a problem with is not knowing.

Here are somethings that are making me wondering if I am a lesbian or bisexual: being attracted to my best friend, having sexual dreams about myself and other girls, I made out with a guy once and didn’t like it, when it comes to masturbation I don’t like penetration, I love LGBT based movies and TV shows.

I still have an attraction towards men but penises freak me out. I have never been intimate with a Man or Women but I really don’t want to have to experiment to find out my sexuality because I don’t want to have sex yet but I want to know my sexuality.

Look please if anyone can help me that would be very appreciated. I have been very confused for 8 years now and I just want to know.

Thank you.

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