Advice for a bad break up.

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I’m looking for advice. I need it alot. Last month I broke it off with this girl. I’m not going to lie part of this is my fault. The reason I broke it off with her is because I got scared, and she was talking to other girls as in (like-like talk). After I broke it off with her I tried to get back with her a couple days later I realized I was wrong for doing that, and I wanted to give it a second chance. Again she was up to her (tricks, and I got scared again). This time I left her for good, but here I am again a month later. I’m still upset, I’m still trying to tell myself I’m okay. Deep down inside I’m hurting more then ever. Everyone’s just like well you should get over her, ┬ábut they aren’t understanding how I’m feeling. Most of them don’t care how I feel. Truthfully I’m really down in the dumps. I can smile tell everyone I’m okay,but deep down my hearts still breaking. This girl is happy, shes okay, shes smiling, laughing, hanging with friends. Here I am still hurting, still crying, still trying to get on my feet. I just wish there was someone who actually understands what it’s like. Someone who can tell me I will honestly be okay. I want to smile for a change, and I want to laugh. Is there anyone with any advice to spare?

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