Leave it Be or Ponder it?

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I’ll make this as succinct as possible. I’m 15 and I have come to question something that I have no previous external or internal experience with. I came to terms with my sexuality when I was 14 and came out rather shortly after my realizations. I was accepted by most of my family, although I’m pretty sure my father still has no clue about it. I did some research of my own on ‘How to Come Out’ before I came out to anyone. Then I noticed a pattern. Most of the coming out stories I had read or watched were narrated by older teens (17 & on). After some time of coming out, I realized that I was one of the few girls my age whom I knew was openly gay. This realization made me question something I previously had not, Did I come out too early? I’m rather nervous that maybe I have come out of the closet too early and this might stump my own intellectual growth as a LGBTQ member. Therefore, limiting my ability to experience and learn about ‘The Lesbian Life,’ due to my young age. I would appreciate any help with this inner turmoil. Thank You.

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