What are her intentions ?? Please help

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Hiii i am 21 year old bi-sexual girl…i like a senior at my office…but the thing is that she is married….I sense a kind of connection with her which i cant express that makes me more clumsy and nervous around her which  in turn she finds weird and is amused about me…She looks at me as though shes trying to figure me out (which actually she is!) but it drives me crazy…..

The other day i was sitting alone at lunch hour , so she actually came up to me and asked if i am this way at home as well ;) in a smiling way…i have often caught her looking at me as well but she is an alert person in general…..she really find me weird and amusing as she often giggles to herself when i come around…

I really love this girl as she is a real thing who cares for people around her..but never find enough guts to talk to her as i mite put her off in some way unintentionally . Also if i cant hide my feelings and if she finds out about me i will loose her forever.

I can sense some chemistry between us . I feel she finds me alluring cause i have kept my distance so far and acted a mystry…. once she figures me out i believe she wont like me much because i am just an average person .

Please guide me about this.



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