She’s sending me mixed signals

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There is this one person that I’m really into for a while now. She had a girlfriend at the time and I didn’t want to screw with that relationship, so I waited. She flirted with me while being in that relationship. But I think she’s kind of a tease, she does that with everyone.

Now she recently broke up, so I took my chance and asked her out. She said she was busy. I asked her out again, same story…
After that I asked her why she didn’t wanna meet me. She said that she’s just having fun being single after her long relationship, and that she wants to keep it like that way for a while.

That same evening I went to a lesbian bar, and who did I see? HER! And she never comes in that part town. So why did she show up now? Because she knew I was going to be there?

That evening we flirted. I didn’t want to make it seem like she’s the centre of the world. So I switched talking to my friends and her.
When I stood with her she flirted with other girls too. Held them and stuff…
Later I offered her a drink, she gave me a long intimate hug. My lips touched her neck, she didn’t respond… Neither good or bad! She just let me…
After that she came to offer me a sip of her drink (she looked in my eyes), but she left as soon as she came. She walked past me a few times, without stopping…
After that night I didn’t hear from her again.

So she rejects me but flirts with me like THAT? (The other girls didn’t nearly get as close as I did)
Is she interested? Should I leave her alone for a while? I feel like I’m always the first to talk to her, but I don’t wanna be a stalker…

What do you think of this? It’s so confusing. Is it just me thinking she likes me because I’m crazy of her?


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